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Mark Drozdov is CES’s Technical Director and Vice President. He has been in the field of Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety for over 25 years. He has worked throughout the USA on sites ranging from Nuclear Power Plants to Ground Zero. Drozdov is passionate about setting standards for the evolving industry by staying abreast of the latest technological findings.


Drozdov immigrated to U.S. 1979.


Mark Drozdov has a strong reputation of successful performance of environmental engineering and remediation projects for private and public clients. He's certified in Code Compliance by DOS, Licensed in Site Safety Management by DOB and FDNY, Certified Asbestos Investigator/Lead Inspector, Designer, Monitor, Risk Assessor, Management Planner. Mark is an OSHA-authorized Instructor, EPA/DOB/DOH/FDNY- approved Trainer and EPA-certified in ENERGY STAR. He is a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Worked with EBASCO and USACE to provide strategic compliance consulting for Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Program development and management.


  • Mark Drozdov is also the Scholarships Committee Chair and was instrumental in achieving the most Awards to qualifying EH&S College Programs.


  • Local Emergency Planning Committee , USA