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Märta Elisabeth Rehn

also known as Marta Elisabeth

Government official , minister , Minister of Defence

Elisabeth REHN, Finnish Minister of Defence. White Rose of Finland, Knight of the First Class, 1989. Chairperson, Working Committee of the National Committees for UNICEF; Vice chairman Finnish Red Cross 1982-1988; member, Board of Trustees, World Wildlife Fund, since 1992; Board member, UNICEF, 1982 and chairman, since 1988.


REHN, Elisabeth was born on April 6, 1935 in Helsinki, Finland. Daughter of Andreas Petrus Carlberg and Ruth Leonida Carlberg (née Weurlander).


General certificate of education, 1953. Master of Arts. Economics and Business Administration, 1955. Helsinki Swedish School of Economics, diploma in economics, 1957.

Spoken languages: Swedish, Finnish, English, German.


Member SFP Board in Kauniainen, 1972-1979. Member Kauniainen City Council, 1973-1980. Member of Parliament.

; Member Kauniainen City Board, 1979-1980. Chairperson. Kauniainen School Board, 1977-1979. Vice Chairperson., SFP for Uusimaa constituency, 1978-1979.

Member SFP Board, Kirkkonummi. Elector. Presidential election, 1982. Chairperson, SFP. Companies Committee, since 1982.

Member SFP working committee, since 1985. Member, Advisory Board, Economic Relations between Finland and Developing Countries, since 1985. Chairperson, SFP, Parliamentary Group.

1987-1990; Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee for Ordinary Law, 1983-1987. Chairperson, Finnish Committee for UNICEF, since 1990. Minister of Defence.

Minister responsible for Equality Affairs, 1991. Office manager. Board member Renacta Ab Ltd., 1960-1979. Office manager, Rehn Trading Bachelor of Arts, 197879.

Teacher in charge of vocation guidance, 1973-1977. Careers officer, Kauainen Comprehensive School, 1973-1977. Member Board of Trustees, Kirkkonummi Merchant Bank, since 1984, then Chairman, since 1988.

Member Board of Trustees, the Merchant Banks Central Sharebank, since 1987. Member Board of Trustees, Suomi-Salama Distribution.




Member Kauniainen Municipal council, 1973-1979, member municipal board, 1979. Member party executive Swedish People's Party, 1985-1994, chairman parliamentary group, 1987-1990. Vice-chairman Finnish Red Cross, 1984-1988.

Member executive board Finnish World Wildlife Federation Fund. Chairman administrative board Finnish committee United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, 1988-1993, member, since 1982, chairman standing group national committees, 1990-1994. Candidate presidential election, Finland, 1994.

Member ministerial steering group, vice chair of conference, member United Nations Population Fund advisory committee Inplementation of IPCD Decisions, 1995-1997, IPCD conference, Cairo, 1994.


  • Other Interests

    Recreations: environment, nature, sports, fine arts.


Andreas Petrus Carlberg

Ruth Leonioda Weurlander

Ove Harald Rehn