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DUENAS, MARTHA LOZA was born on October 13, 1942 in Quito, Ecuador.


Universidad Central de Quito, 1962-1967, Licenciada. Institute des Etudes de Developpement Economique et Sociale, France, 1967-1969, Troisieme Niveau. Institute Internationale d’Administration Publique, France, 1969-1971, Troisieme Niveau.

Long Island University Institute for Studies of International Organization, United States of America, 1990-1991, Master of Science Studies. Spoken languages: Spanish, French, English, Norwegian.


Counsil, Mission of Ecuador, New York, Permanent Mission of Ecuador since 1986. Director-General for Economic and Tech Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ecuador, since 1991. First Secretary, Chief of Europe Sections, Pol Affairs Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1982-1986.

Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of Ecuador, Norway, 1980-1982.


Member Asociacibn de Funcionarios del Servicio Exterior del Ecuador, Quito. Society for International Development, Rome. American Society for International Law.

Member, Board of Editors, Renewable Sources of Energy Annual.


  • Other Interests

    Natural resources; energy. Development; environment. Cultural development.

    Prevention of natural disasters. Alpinism; history; anthropology. Ceramica; cooking.