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Martin Joseph Kotler, American painter. Recipient Painting fellowship American University, 1979-1980.


Kotler, Martin Joseph was born on October 24, 1953 in Newark. Son of Edward and Rosalyn Kotler.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Sculpture cum laude, Maryland Institute College Art, 1975. Master of Fine Arts in Painting, American University, 1980.


Teacher Maryland Institute College Art, 1974-1976. Teacher department art American University College Arts and Science, 1979. Teacher drawing and painting American University, 1979.

Graduate and undegrad. National Museum American Art, since 1984. Teacher painting, drawing, and monotype Washington Studio School.

Artist Smithsonian Institution, Washington, since 2000. Lecturer in field.


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    • One-man shows include Govinda Gallery, Washington, 1980, 81, Anton Gallery, Washington, 1982, 84, Fendrick Gallery, Washington, 1987, 89, South Eastern Center Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1988, Barbara Fendrick Gallery, New York, 1990, Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington, 1992-1998, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 1994, 95, 98. Group exhibitions include Maryland Institute College Art, Baltimore, 1974, Huber/Pollner Gallery, Washington, 1979, Anton Gallery, Washington, 1983, 84, Watkins Gallery, Washington, 1984, Fendrick Gallery, Washington, 1985, Zenith Gallery, Washington, Washington Studio School Gallery, 1986, 87, 89, Aetna Institute Gallery, Hartford, Connecticut, 1988, Fine Arts Gallery, Washington, 1989, Foster Gallery, Eau Clair, Wisconsin, 1990, Middendorf Gallery, Washington, 1991, Gallery K, Washington, 1991, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 1993, University Maryland, College Park, 1995, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, 1996, Washington Studio School, 1996, Artists' Museum Galllery, Washington, 1997, Maryland Art Place, 2000. Represented in permanent collection United States Department State, Maryland Institute, College Art, Watkins Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Baltimore Museum Art, Los Angeles County Museum Art, Fogg Museum, Metropolitan Museum Art.


Edward Kotler

Rosalyn Kotler