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Marty Rhodes Figley is an American writer.


Mr. Figley was born in Joplin, Montana, United States, on July 28, 1948. She was a daughter of Bob (a cable television entrepreneur) and Doris (a cable television entrepreneur; maiden name, Priest) Rhodes.


She attended George Washington University. Marty Figley received hospital training in radiologic and nuclear medicine in 1970-1973.


In 1970 Mrs. Figley registered radiologic and nuclear medicine technologist. She worked as a writer since 1990.


  • Marty Figley is an author who has written a number of books.



Quotations: Marty Rhodes Figley commented: "As a child I had a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. Half of me wanted to be Florence Nightingale, ‘angel of mercy’ to the sick. The other half fantasized about being Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane—ace newspaper reporter for The Daily Planet. I wanted to help people, but I also loved writing stories (preferably about a girl and her horse, with an always happy ending)."

"It turned out that I was able to be both halves. For many years I took X-rays of sick people. 1 enjoyed that because I knew I was doing an important job. But I still had my Lois Lane fantasy and the urge to create with words. It was like an itch that couldn’t be scratched. When my children were growing up I tried making dolls, quilting, painting with acrylics, and even taking photographs. But the itch was still there. Only when I started writing for children did I find my creative home."

"Humor is an important component in my life. There was always lots of it around the house when I was growing up. I’m convinced that a sense of humor can take you through most of life’s difficulties. It certainly makes you a more appealing person. There’s nothing more boring than someone who takes himself too seriously. I enjoy using humor as a vehicle in my writing. If I can make my reader smile and say, ‘I know just what she means,’ then my writing is worthwhile. I’m looking forward to many more happy, and hopefully, humor-filled years in front of my computer. I have more stories to tell. That itch just won’t go away."


  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators , United States

  • Presbyterian Writers Guild , United States

  • Sisters in Crime , United States


  • Other Interests

    photography, especially black and white photography


Marty Figley married Paul Figley (an attorney) on January 23, 1971. They have two children: Ben, Meg.

Bob Rhodes - American - entrepreneur

Doris (Priest) Rhodes - American

Ben Rhodes - American

Meg Rhodes - American