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journalist , writer

Mary Medlicott is a professional storyteller, storytelling trainer and storytelling workshop leader with over 30 years' experience.


Mrs. Medlicott was born in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, on October 23, 1946. She is a daughter of David W. (a teacher) and Dorothy (Higgins) James.


Mary Medlicott attended Cambridge University from 1965 to 1968.


Mrs. Medlicott served as a freelance journalist from 1969 till 1981. Starting from 1981 she was a freelance storyteller and writer. In 1990 she resumed her office as a creator of television series, By Word of Mouth, Channel 4-TV.


  • Author and storyteller Mary Medlicott has travelled far from her native Great Britain (China, India, Scotland, the islands of the Caribbean) through the world of story. During her travels, she has drawn forth many tales from the world’s deep wells of oral tradition and has compiled several collections of stories suitable for telling or reading aloud.


Quotations: "My abiding interest is in the wealth of the world s oral traditions and their value for our lives today. I began to develop a career as a professional storyteller in the early 1980s and most of my writing and media work stems from this central interest. I am keen to help people of all ages to rediscover the pleasures of hearing and tellig stories."


  • director, 1995; chair, 1996

    Society for Storytelling , United Kingdom

  • Folklore Society , United Kingdom

  • London Welsh Chorale , United Kingdom


  • Other Interests

    singing, walking trips


Mary Medlicott married Paul Medlicott (a consultant) on November 26, 1977.

David W. James - British

Dorothy (Higgins) James - British

Paul Medlicott