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Mason Mitchell


Mason Mitchell, American consul. member of co.


Mitchell, Mason was born on February 26, 1859 in Hamilton, New York, United States. Son of David J. Mitchell.


Educated St. John’s School, Manlius, New York, and Phillips Academy, Exeter, N.H.


Went on stage at 18, becoming member of company at old Broadway Theatre, New York. Was support of Edwin Booth, Lawrence Barrett and John McCullough, and leading man with Mme. Modjeska; accompanied Mary Anderson and played with her during her engagement through Great Britain, 1883-1885.

Chief of scouts under Canadian Government through Riel Rebellion, 1885, promoted for gallantry in action. Traveled through S. America and South Sea Islands, writing and illustrating articles of travel in those countries for various mags., and was for some time in Samoa with Robert Louis Stevenson. Became manager Garrick Theatre, New York, for Richard Mansfield, and supported Mistress James Brown Potter.

Leading man and business representative with Dion Boucicault, 1896. Enlisted in Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, 1898, and wounded at battle of Santiago. Spoke through gubernatorial campaign of Theodore Roosevelt.

American consul at Zanzibar, 1902-1905, at Chungking, China, 1905-1908, at Apia, Samoa, 1908-1920, at Queenstown, Ireland, 1920-1921, at Malta, Maltese Island, since 1921. Was shot and slightly wounded by a lunatic while consul at Malta in December 1922. On outbreak of European war took over British and French interests in German Samoa, August 8, 1914. and August 29, the colony being captured by British and the German officials being deported to Auckland, New Zealand, assumed representation of German interests.

Was the first to shoot the “Takin,” which has been named after him (Budorcas taxicolor Mitchelli). Also a new species of lynx (Felis temencki Mitchelli).


Member of co.


Married Edna M. Ellis, November 25, 1905.

David J. Mitchell. Mitchell

Edna M. Ellis