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Matthew William Del Gaudio


Matthew William Del Gaudio, Italian architect. Recipient Cooper Union Centennial citation, 1956; Gano Dunn Medal, 1958.


Gaudio, Matthew William Del was born on March 16, 1889 in Italy. Son of Gabriele and Rebecca (Palermo) Del Gaudio.


Brought to the United States, 1892, naturalized, 1905. Student architecture Cooper-Union, 1904-1908, Mechanics Institute, 1906-1907, extension Columbia, 1908-1917.


1 son, John M. General practice of architecture, since 1909. Architect Gravesend Houses, New York City. Associate architect Williamsburgh project, Brooklyn, Patterson Houses project, Bronx, and combined City Court Justices and Municipal Court Building, New York City.

Consultant architect Parkchester, Stuygesant Town, Riverton and Cooper Village, New York City Director New York Building Congress, 1940-1943.


Member mayor’s committee for multiple dwelling laws, 1936-1937, mayor’s committee department of buildings procedure, since 1958. Director American Architectural Foundation. Served as First lieutenant United States Army, 1917-1918.

Member United States Engineer Reserve, 1920-1950. (Fellow) The American Institute of Architects (chairman unification committee 1941-1945, director 1941-1945, 55-58). Member New York Society Architects (president 1936-1937), New York Association Architects (president 1946-1947), Architects Council New York City (president 1950-1953), Architectural League, American Legion, Military Order World Wars, Grand Jurors Association Bronx County (legislative chairman).


Married Alma B. Forter, January 28, 1920.

Gabriele Gaudio

Rebecca (Palermo) Del Gaudio

Alma B. Forter