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Maurice Edwin Curts Edit Profile

Naval officer

Maurice Edwin Curts, American naval officer. Decorated Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart; recipient Commendation for Radar Development.


Curts, Maurice Edwin was born on March 25, 1898 in Flint, Michigan, United States. Son of Edwin James and Minnie Elwood (Quirk) Curts.


Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1919. S.M. Entertainment in Elec. Engineering, Harvard, 1928.


November 1965); children—Robert, Daniel. Married second, Fayette Purcell Hobbs, January 1967 (deceased November 1970). Married 3d, Martha Ferneding.

Commissioned ensign United States Navy, 1919, advanced through grades to admiral, 1955. With Naval Research Laboratory, 1936-1938, commander United States Ship Case, 1938-1939. Communication officer United States Fleet, 1939-1944.

Commander United States Ship Columbia, 1944-1945. Chief of staff 1st Carrier Task Force, Pacific Fleet, 1945. Commander Cruiser Division, 1946.

Chief Navy General Plans, 1947-1948. Commander operational development, 1949-1950. Assistant chief of Naval operations, 1951-1953.

Commander cruisers, destroyers, Pacific, 1953-1955. Deputy commander in chief Pacific Fleet, 1955-1957, commander in chief, 1958. Commander Western Sea Frontier, commander Pacific Reserve Fleet, 1958-1960.

Director telecommunications policy Department Defense, Washington, 1960-1965. Retired, 1965.


Married Nina Irvine, August 16, 1919 (deceased.; married second, Fayette Purcell Hobbs, January 1967 (deceased.; married 3d, Martha Ferneding.

Children: Robert, Daniel.

Edwin James Curts

Minnie Elwood (Quirk) Curts

Fayette Purcell Hobbs

Martha Ferneding.

Nina Irvine

Daniel Curts

Robert Curts