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Maurice Jacques COUVE DE MURVILLE, French Senator. Commander of the Legion of Honour.


COUVE DE MURVILLE, Maurice Jacques was born on January 24, 1907 in Reims, Mame, France. Parents: Edouard Couve de Murville and Hermine Couve de Murville (née Caesar).


Carnot High School; Faculties of Law and Letters, Paris, first degree in literature, doctorate in law. Independent School of Political Science, diploma.


Treasury Inspectorate official, 1930. Treasury Inspector (1st place in entry examination), 1932. On detachment to board of General Funds Movement, 1936.

Under-Director, 1937, then Deputy Director, 1938, General Funds Movement (Exchequer). Director of Foreign Finance and Exchange, 1940, revoked by Vichy Government, 1943. Secretary-General of Commander-in-Chief, Algeria, then member of French National Liberation Committee, 1943.

French delegate to Consultative Council for Italy, 1944. Minister for Foreign Affairs (under de Gaulle, Debré and Pompidou), 1958-1968. Minister for Economy and Finance, 1968.

Deputy for Paris, 6th constituency: 8th arrondissement, 1968. Prime Minister, 1968-1969. General Treasury Inspector, 1969.

Deputy UDR then Rassemblement pour la République (Rally for the Republic) for Paris, 8th arrondissement 1973-1986. Chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission, National Assembly, 1973 and 1978. Member of Regional Council for Ile-de-France, since 1976.

Senator Rassemblement pour la République (Rally for the Republic) for Paris, since 1986. Ambassador to Rome, 1945. Director-General of Political Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy to Minister, Council of Four, 1945-1950.

Promoted to dignity of Ambassador of France, 1950. Ambassador to Egypt, 1950-1954. French permanent delegate to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1954.

Ambassador to United States, 1955. Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany, 1956-1958.


  • Une politique étrangère 1958-1969, 1971 (Cerde de l’Union Prize).


Clubs: Morfontaine Golf Club.


  • Other Interests

    Bridge, cinema, sport.


Spouse Jacqueline Schweisguth, 1932. Children: Juliette, Dorothée, Béatrice.