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Maurice Ralph Ralph Hilleman Edit Profile

microbiologist , research scientist

Maurice Ralph Hilleman, virus research scientist, vaccinologist, microbiologist. Achievements include pioneering the development of numerous vaccines for diseases including measles, German measles, meningitis, pneumonia, bacterial meningitis and hepatitis A and B; co-discovering the adenoviruses and discovering changes in the flu virus known as "drift".


Hilleman, Maurice Ralph was born on August 30, 1919 in Miles City, Montana, United States. Son of Robert A. and Edith (Matson) Hilleman.


Bachelor of Science, Montana State University, 1941. Doctor of Philosophy, University Chicago, 1944. Doctor of Science (honorary), Montana State University, 1966.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University Maryland, 1968. Doctor of Science (honorary), Washington and Jefferson College, 1992. Doctor honorary causa (honorary), University Leuven, 1984.


Assistant bacteriologist University Chicago, 1942-1944. Research associate virus laboratories E.R. Squibb & Sons, 1944-1947, chief virus department, 1947-1948. Chief research and diagnostic sections virus and rickettsial diseases Army Medical Service Graduate School, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 1948-1956, assistant chief laboratory affairs, 1953-1956.

Chief department respiratory disease research Walter Reed Army Institute Research, Washington, 1956-1957. Director virus and cell biological research Merck Institute Therapeutic Research, Merck & Company Inc., 1957-1966, executive director, 1966-1971, vice president, 1971-1978, senior vice president, 1978-1984. Director Merck Institute, 1984-2000, Merck Institute for Vaccinology, 2001—2005.

Director virus and cell biology research, vice president Merck, Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, 1970-1978, senior vice president, 1978-1984. Visiting investigator Hospital of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1951. Visiting professor bacteriology University Maryland, 1953-1957.

Adjunct professor virology pediatrics School Medicine University Pennsylvania, 1968-2005. Consultant Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 1968-2005. Member council division biological science Pritzker School Medicine, 1977-1995.

John Herr Musser lecturer Musser-Burch Society, Tulane University School Medicine, 1969, 19th Graugnard lecturer, 1978. Member, special consultant panel respiratory and related viruses United States Public Health Service, 1960-1964. Member National Cancer Institute primate study group, 1964-1970.

Member council analysis and projection American Cancer Society, 1971-1976. Member expert advisory panel on virus diseases World Health Organization, 1952. Board directors W. Alton Jones Cell Science Center, Lake Placid, New York, 1980-1982, American Liver Foundation (honorary), 1986, American Type Culture Collect, 1992-1995, National Foundation Infectious Diseases, 1987, National Cancer Institute Board Science Counselors, 1990-1995, Board Science Counselors Paul Erlich Foundation (Frankfurt, Germany), 1993.

Board directors Jos. J. Stokes Research Institute University Pennsylvania. Member overseas medical research laboratories committee Department Defense, 1980. Member virology department review committee American Type Culture Collection, 1980.

Member Ad Hoc Vaccine Subcommittee Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Program National Institutes of Health, 1991, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Research and Development Vaccine Working Group, 1992, panel 1995, Panel International Task Force National Institutes of Health Strategic Plan, 1992. Member vaccine design and evaluation group, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, 1995. Trustee International Vaccine Institute, Korea.

Member program evaluation task force National Institutes of Health Office Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Research, 1996-1997. Member advisory board Civilian Research and Development Foundation, 2001. Member committee to review Centers for Disease Control and Prevention anthrax vaccine safety and efficacy research program Institute Medicine, 2000-2002.

Member National Vaccine Advisory Committee, National Vaccine Program.


  • Achievements include pioneering the development of numerous vaccines for diseases including measles, German measles, meningitis, pneumonia, bacterial meningitis and hepatitis A and B. Co-discovering the adenoviruses and discovering changes in the flu virus known as "drift".


Expert Advisory Panel on Virus Diseases, WHO, Committee on Influenza 1952, Committee on Respiratory Diseases 1958, Scientific Group on Measles Vaccine Studies 1963, on Viruses and Cancer 1964, on Human Viral and Rickettsial Vaccines 1965, on Respiratory Diseases 1967. Study Section, Microbiology and Immunology Grantsin-Aid Program 1953-1961. Editorial Board Institute Society of Cancer 1964-1971, Institute for Scientific Information 1968-1970, American Journal of Epidemiology 75, Infection and Immunity 1970-1976, Excerpta Medica since 1971, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 1976, Editorial and Publications Committee since 1977.

Council, Tissue Culture Association since 1977. Council for Division of Biological Sciences, Pritzker School of Medicine since 1977. American Type Culture Collection Virology Department Review Committee 1980.

Overseas Medical Research Laboratories Committee, Department, of Defense 1980. Board of directors, W. Alto Jones Cell Science Center 1980-1982, The Joseph Stokes Jr. Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania since 1986, National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

Advisory Board Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Taiwan, since 1982. N.A.S. Committee on a National Strategy for AIDS 1986-1987, National Vaccine Advisory Committee of National Vaccine Program since 1988. Committee on New Vaccine Development National Academy, of Sciences since 1983.

Numerous United States and Institute Medical Societies.


Married Lorraine Witmer, August 3, 1963;children— Jeryl Lynn, Kirsten Jeanne.

Robert A. Hilleman

Edith (Matson) Hilleman

Lorraine Witmer

Kirsten Jeanne Hilleman

Jeryl Lynn Hilleman