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Maxine Elliott, American actress.


Elliott, Maxine was born on February 5, 1873 in (Jessie Dermot) Rockland, Maine, United States. Daughter of Thomas and Mary Adelaide (Hall) Dermot.


Sister of Gertrude E. Convent education.


2d, Nathaniel C. Goodwin, February 20, 1898. Made debut with E. S. Willard in small parts, 1890. Engaged by Rose Coghlan, 1894, as leading lady and played with her in “Diplomacy,” “Forget Me Not,” and in “London Assurance”.

With Augustin Daly’s company, 1895-1897, in “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “Twelfth Night”. Co-star with North Carolina Goodwin in England and America, 1898-1903, in “Nathan Hale,” and in “An American Citizen,” “The Cowboy and the Lady,” “When We Were Twenty-One”. Starred in “Her Own Way,” 1903-1905, “Her Great Match,” 1905-1907, “Under the Greenwood Tree,” 1907, “Myself—Bettina,” 1908.

Owner and manager of her own, Maxine Elliott’s Theatre, New York, since 1908, where she has since starred in “The Chaperon,” “Deborah of Tods,” etc.


Married George A. McDermott.

Thomas Dermot

Mary Adelaide (Hall) Dermot

George A. McDermott