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May-dong Sung (Sun Mei-tang) 孫•梅_堂

business man

May-dong Sung was a Chinese business man.


He was born in Ningpo, Chekiang, China (Ningbo, Zhejiang, China) in 1884.


Mr. Sung graduated from the St. John's University Middle School in Shanghai, China.


May-dong Sung entered business first at Hankow and later at Shanghai. He was a manager of the May War Lee Watch and Clock Co., at Shanghai, a director of the Ningpo-Shaoshing Steam Navigation Co. the Shanghai Ningpo Guild and the Ningpo Hospital. Mr. Sung was also a member of the board of directors of the Shanghai Chinese General Chamber of Commerce for several years, general-manager of the Hope Brothers & Co., Shanghai, a philanthropist and founder of schools.

Then he became an anti-opium worker and in 1917, in conjunction with a few friends, purchased one of the largest opium smoking houses in Shanghai and converted it into a commercial museum, destroying the opium smoking paraphernalia by fire before a public audience.

May-dong Sung was awarded two memorial tablets by the President of China.