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Foundation administrator

Mekki Mtewa, Malawian foundation administrator. Grantee Science and Technology in Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference, 1982, Peace Corps College project, 1982; fellow Midwestern University Consortium, Miami University, Alpha Association Phi Beta Kappa Alumni in Southern California; recipient Seminar award Foreign Student Council.


Mtewa, Mekki was born on April 13, 1946 in Sungo, Mangochi, Malawi.


Bachelor, Chapman College, 1974. Master of Arts in Political Science, California State University, Fullerton, 1975. Postgraduate, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1976.

Diploma in executive law and leadership studies, LaSalle Extension University, Chicago, 1977. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration and Public Policy, Claremont Graduate School, 1979. Postdoctoral in legal studies, Vrije University, Brussels, 1986.


Regional administrative secretary Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation, Limbe, Malawi, 1964-1966. Administrative secretary United Transport (Malawi) Ltd., Blantyre, 1966-1967. Legal assistant Lilley, Wills & Company, Limbe, 1968-1970.

Executive director, founder Association for Advancement Policy, Research and Development in the Third World, since 1981. Executive vice president, deputy director POS Institute, Washington, since 1982. Chairman, chief executive officer International Development Foundation Inc., since 1984.

Chairman Malawi Institute International Affairs, since 1987. Secretary-general AFORD Alliance for Democracy, 1993. Research assistant California State University, Fullerton, 1974-1975, adjunct professor, spring 1978-1979.

Research assistant Political Science Department Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1975-1976. Adjunct assistant professor political science and management University Düsseldorf.C., 1982-1985. Assistant professor political science Howard University, Washington, 1979-1985.

Consultant in field; lecturer in field.


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    • Author: Public Policy and Development Politics: The Politics of Technical Expertise in Africa, 1980, The Consultant Connexion: Evaluation of the Federal Consulting Service, 1981, Malawi Democratic Theory and Public Policy: A Preface, 1986. Editor: Science Technology and Development: Options and Policies, 1982, Perspectives in International Development, 1986, Contemporary Issues in African Adminstration and Development Politics, 1987, International Development and Alternative Futures: The Coming Challenges, 1988, International Science and Technology: Theory, Philosophy and Policy, 1990. Contributor articles to professional journals, chapters to books.

      Member advisory board CHANGE: The International Technology newspaper. Guest editor Journal Eastern African Research and Development. Various television and radio appearances.

      Subject of articles.


Deputy branch secretary Malawi Congress party, 1965-1966. Committee chair Southwest Scholarship Fund, S.S. Neighborhood Assembly, Washington. Chair election committee Rosemary Cooperative Housing project.

Secretary-general Alliance for Democracy in Malawi, 1993. Parliamentary candidate Mangochi Centre Constituency in Malawi, 1994. Member International Services Association (board directors), Science Society Chile (board directors), Lions, Phi Sigma Alpha.


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Children, Natasha, Kevin.