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Meng-yang Liu Edit Profile

government official

Meng-yang Liu was a Chinese Government official.


Mr. Liu was born in Tientsin, Chihli, China in 1876.


Meng-yang Liu was editor of the Ta Kung Poo in Tientsin, China in 1902 and as such did much propaganda work for the Society of Unbinding Feet. He organized the newspaper Mien Sheng Pao, a people's paper, in 1907, was appointed vice-chairman of the Tientsin local assembly in 1908, head of the Tientsin local tax office and chief supervisor of all police branches in 1911-1917.

Mr. Liu was also a magistrate of the Tsie Hsien, Yung Nien Hsien, Wo Chiao Hsien and Tientsin Hsien in 1918-1925, and at one time was vice-director of the Chihli tax bureau. Then he retired from political life in 1925-1927 and became a member of the advisory board of the Tientsin local government in 1928, acting head of the bureau of the streets and suburbs administrations of the Tientsin Special Area since 1929.