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Michael Kaliher

librarian , researcher

Michael Kaliher, librarian, researcher. Member Arizona Library Association, Pi Lambda Theta.


Kaliher, Michael was born in the United States in 1947. Son of Eugene and Phyllis Kaliher.


Student, Santa Monica City College, 1965-1969; University Arizona, 1987-1990. Bachelor of Arts in history, minor in English, University of Arizona, 1990.


Transportation Engineer, Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires, San Francisco, 1974-1979. Senior Bookseller, B. Dalton Bookseller, Newport Beach, California, 1991-1994. Librarian II, State of Arizona, 1997-2012.


  • President, Klamath County (Ore.) Historical Society, 1985. Co-founder, Native American History Week, Klamath County Museum, 1985, 1986.


  • essay

    • The Applegate Trail, 1846 to 1853

      (Journal of the Shaw Historical Library 1 (1), fall 1986, ...)

    • Services to diverse populations : collection development for Hispanic men

      (Arizona Library Association Newsletter 45 (5), September ...)

    • Early sails on the Oregon coast : Ferrel, Drake, and Vizcaino

      (Curry County Echoes, March to August 1986, Curry County (...)

    • Oregon and the Asian legend of Fusang

      (Northwest Review 24 (1), winter 1986, University of Oregon.)

    • Finan McDonald and Tom McKay, King George's men; The Ewing Young trapping party; Old Bill Williams and Bill Hamilton, free trappers; The Scott-Applegate Trail; Life on a wagon train; and The Williamson Survey

      (The History of Klamath Country Oregon. Dallas. Taylor Pub...)

  • monograph

    • Wind on the water : early sails on the American Pacific coast. 1974.

      (Hui Shan and the Asian legend of Fusang; captive Japanese...)

  • research

    • Post returns of Fort Arivaypa / Fort Breckinridge, Territory of New Mexico, for the months of July 1860 through June 1861

      (Typescript deeded to Arizona Historical Society Museum, L...)

    • Inhabitants in Camp Grant, in the County of Pima Territory, from the decennial Federal census, 1870, for the Territory of Arizona

      (Typescript of Charles A. Shibell's 1870 Schedule One Cens...)

    • American settlement in the Gadsden Purchase, 1855-1861.


Member Arizona Library Association, Pi Lambda Theta.


  • Other Interests

    Demographics, geography, popular music, fiction, photography