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Michael A. Palmer Edit Profile

History professor

Michael A. Palmer, American history professor. Member of United States Naval Institute, Society Military History (Moncado Prize 1997).


Palmer, Michael A. was born on December 31, 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Howard V. and Florence J. Palmer.


Bachelor, Temple University, Philadelphia, 1973. Doctor of Philosophy, Temple University, Philadelphia, 1981.


Historian Naval History Center, Washington, 1983—1989, assistant branch head, 1989—1991. Professor and interim chair Department Geography, Greenville, 1997—1999. Assistant professor Department History, 1991—1995, associate professor, 1995—1999, professor chair, 1999—2007.

Professor and interim chair Department English, 2007—2009.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (history) The Last Crusade: Americanism and the Islamic Reformation, Command at Sea: Naval Command and Control since the 16th Century, Lee Moves North: Robert E. Lee on the Offensive, Guardians of the Gulf: A History of America’s Expanding Role in the Persian Gulf, 1833-1992, On Course to Desert Storm: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf, Origins of the Maritime Strategy: American Naval Strategy in the First Postwar Decade, Stoddert's War: Naval Operations during the Quasi-War with France, 1798-1801, (novel) The War That Never Was, Arctic Strike.


Member of United States Naval Institute, Society Military History (Moncado Prize 1997).


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Children: Ryan M., Lisa A.

Howard V.

Florence J. Palmer

Ryan M. Palmer

Lisa A. Palmer