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Michel CAPOEN, Belgian Senator.


CAPOEN, Michel was born on August 20, 1934 in Reningelst.


RHTHS, Gent, industrial sciences, 1955-1958. RHTHS, Gent, electrical engineer, 1958-1962.


Senator for Kortrijkleper district, since 1977. Local councillor, leper, since 1982. Secretary, senate office, since 1988.

Member, senate Committee on economic affairs. Senate Committee on agriculture and small business. Substitute representative, Flemish Council Committee on the economy, employment and energy.

Secretary, Flemish Council Committee on the environment, preservation of nature and rural planning. Member, Flemish Council Committee on town and country planning. Member, VU Committee section, leper.

Member, VU district Committee, leper. Head of maintenance service, nv Union Dendermonde, 1963-1964. Teacher, technical department A2, RITO Zwevegem, 1964-1976.

Teacher, technical department A2, RITO De Panne, 1976-1977.