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Mikhail Nikolaevich KEDROV

Producer and actor

Mikhail KEDROV, USSR Producer and actor. Producer, Moscow Arts Theater, since 1933; Popular Artist of USSR since 1948; member, Arts Council for Theater, USSR Minister of Culture. Order of Lenin; other orders; medals; Stalin Prizes, 1946, 1949, 1950, 1952.


KEDROV, Mikhail was born in 1893.


1822-1824 studied at 2nd Moscow Arts Theater.


Since 1924 in Moscow Arts Theater company. PupU of Stanislavsky. Roles: Sin Bin-U in V. S. Ivanov’s “Bronepoezd 14-63”(Armored Train 14-63) (1927).

Iona in L. Leonov’s "Untilovsky” (1928). ManUov in adaption of Gogol's “Mertvye dushi” (Dead Souls) (1932). Title role in Moltere’s “Tartufife”, etc.

Produced foUowing plays: Gorky's "Vragi” (The Enemies). A.Kron’s “Glubokaya razvedka” (Strategic Intelligence) (1943). Chekhov's “Dyadya Vanya” (Uncle Vanya).

“Russky vopros” (The Russian Question) and K. Simonov’s “Dni i nochi” (Days and Nights) (1947). L. Tolostoy’s “Plody prosveshcheniya” (The Fruits of Enlightenment) (1951). N. Pogodin’s “Tretya pateticbeskaya” (The Third Pathetique) (1959), etc.