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Mikhail Aleksandrovich Romanov

Grand Duke Younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II

Mikhail Romanov, Grand Duke. Younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II.


Romanov, Mikhail was born on December 4, 1878.


Official heir to the throne before the birth of Tsarevich Aleksei, 1904. After his morganatic marriage to Countess Brasova, lost his succession rights and was practically exiled (lived in England). Returned to Russia, 1914, in order to serve in the Russian Army during World War I (inspector of cavalry).

On his abdication, February 1917, Nicholas II renounced his rights and the rights of his son in favour of his brother (without prior consultation with him). At a meeting with prominent members of the Duma, advised by all except Miliukov, the Cadet leader, not to accept the succession. Decided not to accept the throne without a formal confirmation of the succession by the people’s representatives.

After the February Revolution 1917, withdrew from state affairs. Arrested in Gatchina, brought to Perm', and shot by Bolsheviks.