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Mikhail Ivanovich VARENTSOV


Mikhail VARENTSOV, USSR Geologist. Head of a laboratory, Institute of Petroleum, USSR Academy of Science, since 1956; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1953.


VARENTSOV, Mikhail was born in 1902.


1929 graduated Moscow Mining Academy.


1929-1949 engaged in regional geological research on tectonics, stratification and oil in Sakhalin, Northern Caucasus, Taman, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaydzhan, Armenian, Volga-Ural oil district, the Viennese and Pannonian basins, etc. 1935-1949 headed Transcaucasian, Turkmenistan, Volga-Bashkir and Georgia expeditions. 1949-1955 Director, Institute of Geology Science, sUSSR Academy of Sciences.


Religion is bad because it stops people thinking in a rational and objective way.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.