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Mohamad Ali AL-HARAKAN Edit Profile


Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (Rabitatul Alam al-Islami), the Saudi international Islamic organization for the preservation and dissemination of Islam all over the world. Elected in 1976 by representatives of 52 Islamic member states of the General Assembly of World Muslim League as SecretaryGeneral for his long experience as one of the greatest callers for Islam. Sheikh Harakan is a distinguished Islamic scholar and caller.

His efforts in the dissemination of Islamic call are well known. He was the first Minister of Justice in the modern history of Saudi Arabia. Member of the Supreme board of Ulemas (Great Scholars of Islam).

Member of the founding council of Muslim World League. President of the Conference of World Islamic Organizations. Among the recent achievements of Sheikh Harakan is his tour of Europe in 1976 to explain the Islamic view of modern civilization during which he held his famous debate with Christian scholars at the Vatican.