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Mohamad AlTayyeb AL-TUNISSY

assistant , general , President , major

Mohamad AlTayyeb AL-TUNISSY, ex-Major-General; Assistant President of Dalla-QUCO Trans-Arab World Company. King Abdulaziz Order of Merit; Star of Palestine; Syrian Order of Merit; Egyptian Order of Merit; Iranian Crown decoration; Moroccan Military decoration; Lebanese National Arz Decoration.


AL-TUNISSY, Mohamad AlTayyeb was born in 1926.


Diploma of Administration and Maintenance.


Director of Maintenance Corps, Ministry of Defence. Director of General Affairs, same Ministry. Assistant Chief of Staff of the Unified Arab Command, Cairo.

Chief of Operations, Ministry of the Interior. DirectorGeneral of Police Corps. Ambassador at Foreign Ministry.

Owner of Tunissef Establishment. Member of Board, Gulf Company. Member of Board, Real Estate Development Company.

Member of Charity Society, Riyadh. Honorary member of A1 Ahli Sports Club, Jeddah. Member of Board, Saudi Sea Transport Ltd.

Ex-Major-General; Assistant President of Dalla-QUCO Trans-Arab World Company.


  • Military Administration (a pamphlet).


Our life is a journey that presents many paths. But only one path is clear and straight. This path is the path of good Muslim life.


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