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Mohamad Bashir HAQQY


Mohamad Bashir HAQQY, Director of Health Affairs, Northern Province Department.


HAQQY, Mohamad Bashir was born in 1915 in Damascus, Sirya.


Physician at a private clinic, then general practitioner at a dispensary. Ministry Assistant Representative, Director of Health Affairs, Jizan Province, Assir Province. Director of Health Affairs, Northern Province Department.


  • Six medical textbooks for the Hygiene Education Institute, Khotat Mantiqat Assir (Assir Province Plan), Makhatat Mantiqat Al Shomal (Northern Province Plan), both geographical illustrated encyclopaedias with maps, plans, and illustrations.


Jesus as a prophet has very special significance. He is a miracle of God, an aya. He is the word and spirit of God.

He is the prophet of peace, and it is he who predicts the coming of Muhammad (PBUH).


  • Other Interests

    Study of old Arab medicine books, geography and history of Arab and Islamic countries, archaeological books.