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Mohamad Saleh BAHARETH

chairman , leading businessman

Mohamad Saleh BAHARETH, leading businessman; Chairman of Bahareth Organization, Jeddah.


BAHARETH, Mohamad Saleh was born in 1926.


Secondary School Certificate.


Former government employee. Was promoted to the grade of DirectorGeneral, Ministry of Finance 1954. Now Chairman of Board of Indecom, Melli Iran Bank, Jeddah.

Chairman of Endowments Subsidiary Council, Jeddah. Member of Board, Ben Ladin Organization. Established Jeddah Clinic.

Member of the Board for The Settlement of Trade Disputes. Leading businessman; Chairman of Bahareth Organization, Jeddah.


Intellect and knowledge should be promoted. Everything that weakens it, such as drugs and alcohol, should be forbidden. People should stay away from them, because non-corrupted intellect is the basis of the moral responsibility in every society.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, sport.