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WERNETTE, MONICA M. was born on August 8, 1951 in Clay Center, Kansas, United States of America.


Washburn University, United States of America, 1969-1974, Bachelor of Science Pre-Medical. Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977-1978, Epidemiology. Kansas State University, 1978-1980, Master of Public Administration Public Health.

Emory University, United States of America, 1981, Continuing Education/ Epidemiology. Spoken languages: English, French, Lingala.


Team Leader, Global Program on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, World Health Organization since 1988. Tech Officer, Control of Childhood Communicable Diseases, Center for Disease Control, Swaziland, 1985-1986. Tech Trainer, International Public Health, CHP International/United States Agency for International Development, Haiti, Liberia, 1986-1988.

Health Survey Coord, United States Agency for International Development, Zaire, Central African Representative, 1983-1984. Inter-regional Coord, Human Monkey Pox/Viral Hemorrhagil Fever, United States Peace Corps/World Health Organization, Zaire, 1981-1983. Clinical Epidemiologist, Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology, United States of America, 1976-1981.


  • Other Interests

    Epidemiology, implementation of disease control and prevention. Oil painting; boating. Writing; outdoor sports.