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Morris Albert ADELMAN


Morris Albert ADELMAN, economist.


ADELMAN, Morris Albert was born in 1917 in New York City, New York, United States of America.


BSS City College New York, 1938. Doctor of Philosophy Harvard University, 1948.


Economics, United States War Production Board, 1941-1942. Economics, Federal Reserve Board, 1946. Assistant Professor, Association Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1948-1960.

Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts., United States of America, since 1960.


  • Wells Prize, Harvard University, 1948. United States Social Science Research Council, United Kingdom or United States of America Fellow, 1947-1948. Ford Faculty Fellow, 1962-1963.

    Award Contributions Mineral Economics, American Institute, Institution Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, 1979. President, Award for Contribs. Energy Economics, Intematational Association, 1980-1981, 1983. Editorial Duties Editor Board, Ind. Energy Economics Principal Fields of Interest 723 Energy.


Early work was on antitrust policy, and on some case studies, particularly in retailing. Over the last twenty-odd years, my published research has been devoted mostly to oil and natural gas as studies in competition and monopoly with account taken of the peculiarities of supply and cost, and the role of governments as market participants. Winston Churchill called World War II ‘the unnecessary war’ because its victims could have prevented it.

In 1972, I argued that the then-small oil price increases promised more harm to come and were preventable and unnecessary because they resulted from monopoly, not scarcity.