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Morris Ketchum Jesup


Morris Ketchum Jesup, American banker.


Jesup, Morris Ketchum was born on June 21, 1830 in Westport, Connecticut, United States. Son of Charles and Abby Sherwood (DeWitt) Jesup.


Honorary Master of Arts, Yale, Williams, Columbia. Doctor of Laws, Princeton, 1902. Clerk for manufacturing firm, New York, until 1852.

Active banker, 1852-1884, New York.


Review Thomas DeWitt, April 26, 1854. President New York City Mission and Tract Society, 1881-1903, for which he built the DeWitt Memorial Church, in Rivington St., in memory of his father-in-law. President Five Points House of Industry, since 1872.

One of founders (president, 1872) Young Men’s Christian Association, of New York. President Chamber of Commerce of New York, American Sunday School Union, Peary Arctic Club, Sailors’ Snug Harbor, Audubon Society State of New York. Trustee Union Theological Seminary, to which he presented the building called Jesup Hall.

President American Museum Natural History, since 1881, to which he gave a $100,000 collection of native woods and marble busts of ten most prominent scientists. Trustee Brick Presbyterian Church, Syrian Protestant College (Beirut), John F. Slater Fund (treasurer), Peabody Education Fund, General Education Board, Hospital Sat. and Sunday Association, Society for Relief of Half-Orphan and Destitute Children: vice president American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1885-1901. Director New York Institution for Instruction of Deaf and Dumb.

Trustee Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company. Director Western Union Telegraph Company, Metropolitan Trust Company Address: New York, New York.


Married Maria Van Antwerp, d.

Charles Jesup

Abby Sherwood (DeWitt) Jesup

Maria Van Antwerp