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Mykola Platonovich BAZHAN

translator , poet

Mykola BAZHAN, Ukrainia poet and translator. Secretary, USSR Union of Writers, since 1954; full member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1951; member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Ukrainia, since 1960. Stalin Prizes, 1946, 1949; two Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


BAZHAN, Mykola was born in 1904 in KamenetsPodolsk, Ukrainia.


1921 graduated Uman Cooperative Technicum. Studied at Kiev Institute of Foreign Relations.


1946-1952 member, Ukrainia delegation United Nations General Assembly. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946, 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation. Delegation at 1954 and 1959 Congresses of USSR Writers.



Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.