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Nadegda Pavlova Grinkova Edit Profile

ethnographer , folklorist , linguist , Professor , teacher

Grinkova Nadegda was ethnographer, folklorist, Linguist, professor, teacher. Her main area of scientific interests was Russian dialectology.


Grinkova Nadegda was born in 22 of September, acording to other information April in 1895, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation.


Grinkova participated in dialectology, and folklore expeditions in the territory of Voronezh province (region), first recorded the fairy tales of A.K. Baryshnikova in 1925,1936. She was the author of many studies, teaching aids. Several works dedicated to dialects and ethnography, features of the former Zadonsky county, Zemlyansk district, Korotoyak county Voronezh province.


  • articles

    • From materials on the toponymy of populated areas of the Voronezh Region

  • Monograph on doctoral thesis

    • Voronezh dialects

      (It was published in the "Scientific notes of the Leningra...)