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Neil Wallace is an American economist and professor at Pennsylvania State University. Wallace is considered one of the main proponents of new classical macroeconomics.


  • In 2012, he was elected Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association.


  • economics

    • "Inside and Outside Money as Alternative Media of Exchange"

    • "Rational Expectations and the Dynamics of Hyperinflation"

    • "'Rational' Expectations, the Optimal Monetary Instrument, and the Optimal Money Supply Rule"

    • The Overlapping Generations Model of Fiat Money

    • "Whither Monetary Economics?"


John Muth

John Fraser Muthwas an American economist. He is known as "the father of the rational expectations revolution in economics", primarily due to his article "Rational Expectations and the Theory of Price Movements" from 1961.

Robert Emerson Lucas, Jr.

Robert Emerson Lucas, Jr. is an American economist at the University of Chicago. He received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1995 and is consistently indexed among the top 10 economists in the Research Papers in Economics rankings. He is married to economist Nancy Stokey.