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Neil D. Isaacs Edit Profile

Literature educator

Neil D. Isaacs, American literature educator. Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1993.


Isaacs, Neil D. was born on August 21, 1931 in New York City.


Bachelor of Arts in Comparitive Literature and Philosophy, Dartmouth College, 1953. Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, University California, Berkeley, California, 1956. Doctor of Philosophy in English Language and Literature, Brown University, 1959.

Master of Social Work, University Maryland, 1989.


Teaching assistant Brown University, 1957—1958, teaching associate, 1958—1959. Instructor City College of New York, 1959—1962, assistant professor, 1962—1963, University Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1963—1965, associate professor, 1965—1971. Professor English University Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1971—2000, professor emeritus, since 2000.

Visiting assistant professor University Connecticut, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1964. Member institutional review board National Institute of Mental Health, since 2001. Member advisory board Art Gliner Center for Humor Studies, 1999—2001.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1993.



Married Ellen Lichtman, May 19, 1985. 4 children.

Ellen Lichtman