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university professor

Nicholas Stargardt is Professor of History at Oxford University.


Stargardt is the son of a German-Jewish father and Australian mother. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, and lived in Australia, Japan, England and Germany.


He studied at King's College, Cambridge, and is a fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, in the United Kingdom, where he teaches modern European history.


He has written widely on the history of modern Germany, political and social thought and the Holocaust. His 2015 book, The German War, explores the attitudes of German citizens during the Second World War.


He is the author of The German Idea of Militarism: Radical and Socialist Critics (1994), an intellectual and political history of anti-militarist movements in Germany before the First World War, and of Witnesses of War: Children’s Lives under the Nazis (2005), which offered the first social history of Nazi Germany in the Second World War through the eyes of children.