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Minister of the Interior

Nicola MANCINO, Italian Minister of the Interior.


MANCINO, Nicola was born on October 15, 1931 in Montefalcione, Avellino.


Councillor, Provincial Councillor, and Regional Councillor. Provincial Secretary Christian Democrats, Avellino. Member Provincial Administrative Committee, Avellino.

Regional Secretary, Christian Democrats, Campana. President Council Christian Democrats Group. Twice President Regional Committee, Campana.

Elected Senator, Avellino, since 1976. Vice-President, Senate Committee. Head of Christian Democrats Committee on Regional Affairs.

Member Control Committee on interventions in the South. Vice-President Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Member Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

Member Committee on Earthquakes. Member Committee for Regional Affairs. Member Regulatory Body.

President Parly, group, Christian Democrats, since 1984. Confirmed as Pres, of parly, group. Member Committee on Constitutional Affairs, and of the Regulatory Body.

Minister of the Interior, since 1992. Lawyer; prov. assessor for Civil Hospital, and Council Housing Institute, Avellino.