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Nikolai Onufrievich Losskii


Nikolai Losskii, USSR Philosopher.


Losskii, Nikolai was born on December 6, 1870 in Kreslavka, Vitebsk Gouvernement.


Graduated from Petersburg University in 1903.


After youthful adventures, including the distribution of atheist propaganda, and a short spell in the Foreign Legion, settled down to a distinguished academic career. Doctor of philosophy, 1907. Professor of philosophy at Petersburg University, 1916.

Friend of Askoldov and under the influence of his father, the philosopher Kozlov, became attracted to the Leibniz tradition (monads) and transformed it on the basis of intuitivism and personalism. Considered to be the foremost Russian philosopher of the 20th century (rivalled only by S. Frank). Unable to adapt to the new conditions under communist rule, dismissed from his teaching posts.

In 1922, expelled from Russia (with a large group of professors). Lived in Czechoslovakia until World War II. Professor of philosophy in Bratislava, 1942-1945. After World War II, moved to Paris, then to the USA, 1946.

Professor of philosophy at the St. Vladimir Seminary New York, 1947-1950.


Every religion forces people to rely on outside authority, thus depriving them to become self-sufficient.


Strong communist party can create a new and better society with neither rich nor poor.