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Nikolai Fedorovich Nasimovich-Chuzhak


Nikolai Nasimovich-Chuzhak, USSR Journalist.


Nasimovich-Chuzhak, Nikolai was born in 1876.


Old Bolshevik. Lived in Vladivostok and Chita. At the centre of a circle which included, among others, D. Burliuk, N. Aseev and S. Tretiakov. In 1920, leader of the Tvorchestvo group, which published a magazine of the same name until 1921.

Aggressive propagandist of futurism as the art of the proletariat. Fighteragainst Soviet bureacracy in Gosizdat (State Publishing House). His article, Opasnost’ Arakcheevshchiny (The Danger of the Arakcheev Approach), became the central point of a talk by Mayakovsky later published in Tvorchestvo, 1921, Nr.