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Nikolai Mikhailovich Shengelaia

film director

Nikolai Shengelaia, USSR Film director.


Shengelaia, Nikolai was born on August 19, 1903 in Georgia, United States.


Studied at Tbilisi University.


In 1922, published some of his poems. Entered the film industry, 1924. Pupil and assistant to К.

M. Mardzhanishvili on his film Burevestniki, 1925. Continued work on his tutor’s films. Also worked with I. Perestiani and Iu.

Zheliabuzhskii. First film, Giulli, 1927, with L. Push. In 1928, made Eliso, scripted with the help of S. Tretiakov. This was one of the first films about the history of the Caucasus, and became a classic of Georgian cinema.

In the 1930s, his films were dull official commissions and not based on his own ideas (such as 26 Bakinskikh Komissarov, 1933). Tried to film M. Sholokhov’s Podniataia Tselina, 1933-1934, but shooting was stopped. Zolotistaia Dolina, 1937 (Stalin Prize, 1941), glorified the collectivization campaign in Georgia.

One of the first Georgian filmmakers in the Soviet period. Apparently very gifted, but had no chance to show off his talent. Now officially recognized as the father of the Georgian cinema.