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Nikolai Pavlovich Smirnov-Sokolskii

writer , bibliophile , Show-business artist

Nikolai Smirnov-Sokolskii, Show-business artist, writer, bibliophile. Real name: Smirnov.


Smirnov-Sokolskii, Nikolai was born on March 17, 1898 in Moscow.


Studied at a commercial school.


Worked as a bookseller, then as a reporter. From 1915, actorin summer theatres and in the Odeon Theatre of Miniatures in Moscow. Also remembered as a witty compere at various concert halls, Famous book collector.

His private library contained rarities of the 18th century, underground and censored editions. Wrote on A. Radishchev and A. Pushkin. His books Rasskazy О Knigakh, Moscow, 1959, and Moia Biblioteka, 2 vols, Moscow, 1963, were best-sellers at the time of publication.