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Nikolai Ivanovich Tarasov

choreographer , stage director , ballet dancer

Nikolai Tarasov, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer, stage director.


Tarasov, Nikolai was born on February 19, 1902 in Moscow.


Pupil of N. Legat.


Graduated from the Moscow Choreographic School,1920. With the Bolshoi Theatre, 1920-1935, as one of its leading dancers. Taught at the Moscow Choreographic School, 1923 -60.

Director and artistic director of the same, 1942-1945, and artistic director, 1953-1954. Taught at the Moscow Artistic Ballet under V. Kriger, 1929-1930. Artistic director at the Variety and Ballet Technical School, 1933-1937.

From 1946, taught and supervised the future choreographers’ class at Russian University of Theatre Arts. Professor there from 1962. Among his famous pupils were Iu.

Zhdanov, A. Lapauri and M. Liepa. State Prize, 1975. With A. Vaganova, co-scriptwriter of Metodika Klassicheskogo Tantsa, 1947.