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Nikolai Sergeevich Timashev


Nikolai Timashev, USSR Sociologist.


Timashev, Nikolai was born in 1886 in Petersburg.


Educated at the Lycee, 1908. Graduated in law from Petersburg University.


Professor of law, Petrograd Polytechnic, 1917. Involved in the Tagantsev affair (resistance to communism among the Petersburg intelligentsia). Fled to Finland, 1921.

Professor of the Russian law faculty in Prague, 1923. Professor of Institut d’Etudes Slaves, Paris, 1928. Lecturer in sociology at Harvard University, 1936.

Professor of sociology at Fordham University, 1940-1957. Editor of the magazine Novyi Zhurnal, 1960.


Religion is bad because it makes people base the way they run their lives on a falsehood.


Every person has rights to express his or her opinion, but the opinion could be expressed if it was in accordance with the general interests of Soviet society.