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Nikolai Vladimirovich Tarasenka Edit Profile


Nikolai Vladimirovich Tarasenka is a physicist. Graduated from the Physics Department of GSU in 1975. Ph.D. (1984), Doctor of Science (1999). A specialist in the field of laser spectroscopy, plasma physics and chemistry, technology of laser ablation of materials for the synthesis of nanoscale structures. Nikolai Vladimirovich is the author of over than 150 scientific papers.


  • development of methods of laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for plasma diagnostics (gas discharge and laser ablation plasmas)

  • development of plasma assisted techniques for synthesis of nanostructures in liquid media with laser-aided morphology control


  • book

    • Laser Ablation in Liquid: Principles, Methods and Applications in Nanomaterials Preparation and Nanostructures Fabrication

    • Optical emission spectroscopy of C2 and C3 molecules in laser ablation carbon plasma” in book "Spectroscopy, Dynamics and Molecular Theory of Carbon Plasmas and Vapors

    • Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Electrical Discharge Technique in Liquids

    • Laser synthesis and modiécation of composite nanoparticles in liquids


  • Belarusian Physical Society (associate)