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Nikolay Ivanovich Glistenko Edit Profile


Glistenko Nikolay Ivanovich was a chemist, teacher, the Candidate of Chemical Sciences (1936), Associate Professor (1937).


Glistenko Nikolay Ivanovich was born on January 03, 1906 in Matryonka village, Bobrovsky Uyezd (Matryonka village, Lipetsk Oblast, Russian Federation).


In 1927 he ended the Natural Department of the Pedagogical Faculty in the Voronezh State University (1927).


In 1927-1931 Nikolay was a teacher and Deputy Director in the Middle School of the South-East Railway Mud Station. Since 1934 he was Associate Professor at the Department of inorganic chemistry at Voronezh State University, and also he was a Dean of the Chemistry Faculty (1957-1960). In 1941-1945 Glistenko worked as a rector of Voronezh State University. During the Great Patriotic War he played a prominent role in preserving the scientific and educational potential of the university. In 1955-1957 Nikolay Glistenko worked in China as an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education of the People's Republic of China.