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Nikolay Vasilevich GRACHEV

Film director and scriptwriter

Nikolay GRACHEV, USSR Film director and scriptwriter. Honoured Art Worker of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1951; Director, Kiev Studio of Popular Science Films, since 1942. prizes at international film festivals.


GRACHEV, Nikolay was born in 1905 in St. Petersburg.


1930 completed Higher Art Criticism Courses, Leningrad Institute of the History, of Arts.


Directed or co-directed following films: “U piskakh Serednoi Azii” (In the Sands of Central Asia) (1942). “Nashe sertse” (Our Heart) (1945). “Oni vidyat vnov” (The See Again) (1948).

Wrote script and directed “Slidamy nevydymykh vorogiv” (In the Tracks of Invisible Enemies) (1955), etc.