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Nikolay Vasilevich ORLOVSKY


Nikolay ORLOVSKY, USSR Pedologist. Doctor of Agriculture Science; Head, Chair of Pedology and Agrochemistry, Krasnoyarsk Agriculture Institute, since 1958.


ORLOVSKY, Nikolay was born in 1899.


1924 graduated Moscow Timiryazev Agriculture Academy.


1921-1922 experimented with mineral fertilizers in drained marshes near Moscow at sovkhozes of Main Board of Seed-Growing Farms. 1924-1925 at Buzuluk Experimental Station. 1926-1927 Head, Seed-Growing Department, Saratov Oblast Agriculture Board, and organized seed-growing in Lower Volga area.

1927-1933 in Western Kazakhstan, where he founded an Agrochemical Laboratory at Ural Experimental Station. 1933-1944 at Siberian Research Inst of Agriculture, Siberian Institute of Stock-Raising, Ubinskoe Experimental Reclamation Station, and at experimental stations and zonal institutes of Altay and Krasnoyarsk Krays, 1944-1950 Head, Chair of Pedology and Agrochemistry, Novosibirsk Agriculture Institute. 1950-1958 Head, Chair of Pedology and Agrochemistry, AJtay Agriculture Institute.

1951-1957 research on: soil improvement conditions of Aleysk irrigation system in Altay Kray. Water and salt conditions of soils. Causes of resalting in soils and countermeasures against salting.

Improved reclamation measures, etc.