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Nonna Aleksandrovna MURAVEVA


Nonna MURAVEVA, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Minister of Society Security since 1955. Member, All-Union Central Trade-Union Council, since 1959; member, Central Auditing Commission, since 1956; Chairman Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Auditing Commission since 1961. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1956.


MURAVEVA, Nonna was born in 1906.


1950-1954 Chairman, Central Committee, Trade-Union of Textile Industry. 1954 as member, Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Women, headed Soviet women’s delegation German Democratic Republic. 1955 member, delegation at session of International Labor Organization.

1956 headed Soviet social security delegation Sweden. 1958 member, Soviet delegation at 13th session, United Nations General Assembly. Deputy, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet of 1955 and 1959 convocation.