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Oleg Konstantinovich ANTONOV Edit Profile


Oleg ANTONOV, USSR Chief Aircraft Designer, Experimental Design Bureau for Multi-engine Turboprop Passenger Aircraft, since 1952. Stalin Prize. Member, Communist Party, since 1930.


ANTONOV, Oleg was born in 1906 in Saratov.


1926 graduated Gliding School. 1930 graduated Aviation Faculty, Leningrad Polytechn. Institute.


1923 member, model airplane club, Saratov Society for Friends of the Air Force. 1936 helped to design 60 gliders and to construct 400. 1940 designed twinengine paratroop and transport glider “Pegas” (Pegasus).

Since 1944 engaged in design of civil aircraft for Special Purpose Aviation. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1958 convocation. 1930-1936 Deputy Chief Designer, and then Chief Designer, Tushino Glider Construction Plant, Central Council, USSR Society for the Promotion of Defense and Aero-Chemical Development.

1936-1941 Chairman, Commission for the Inspection of Design Bureaus, Plants and Gliding Schools. 1941-1952 at various establishments and plants.


Religion is a cause of numerous conflicts and bloody wars throughout the history of mankind.


Member, Communist Party, since 1930.


The emphasis on peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean that the Soviet Union accepted a static world with clear lines. Socialism is inevitable and the "correlations of forces" were moving towards socialism.


Member, Communist Party, since 1930.