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Olga Valentinovna Korbut Edit Profile

also known as Volha Valancinaŭna Korbut, "Sparrow from Minsk"


Olga Valentinovna Korbut, also known as the "Sparrow from Minsk", is a Belarusian, Soviet-born gymnast who won four gold medals and two silver medals at the Summer Olympic Games, in which she competed in 1972 and 1976 for the USSR team. The media whirl which surrounded her 1972 Olympic debut caused a surge of young girls to join their local gymnastic clubs, and a sport which had seldom been noticed previously now made headlines.


Olga Korbut started her gymnastic training at an early age of 8. Korbut got admitted in a sports school when she was 11 years old. Korbut's first competition was the 1969 USSR Championships. She finished the competition in the fifth place. In the 1970 USSR Championships, Korbut won the first gold medal of her career in the vault event. Korbut could not compete in all tournaments before the 1972 Munich Summer Games because of illness. In the 1972 Summer Games, she won three gold medals and one silver medal. In 1973, Korbut won the Russian and World Student Games and became silver medalist in the all-round event at the European Championships. Korbut participated in the 1976 Montreal Summer Games as a challenge for Romanian Nadia Comaneci. In the competition, Korbut's performance was below expectation. However, she managed to win her fourth Olympic title in the team event. She also won silver medal in the balance beam event. In 1977, Korbut retired from Olympic competition.


  • Achievement  of Olga Korbut

    She was the first gymnast to do a backward aerial somersault on the balance beam.

    6 Olympic medals (4 gold and 2 silver)

    6 medals on World Championship in 1974 (2 gold and 4 silver)

    In 1994, Olga was named one of the Sports Illustrated ‘s 40 greatest athletes.

    In 1988 Korbut was the first gymnast to be inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.


In 2002 Korbut moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, to become head coach at Scottsdale Gymnastics and Cheerleading. Today, Olga still lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoys hiking, exercising, and cooking. She is still involved in gymnastics on a daily basis. Olga is a professional motivational speaker and life-long fitness advocate.


Leonid Bortkevich
Leonid Bortkevich - Ex-husband of Olga Korbut

The couple had a son, Richard, in 1979. In 1991, they emigrated to the United States. Korbut and Bortkevich divorced in 2000.

Nellie Kim - gymnast

First coach:
Elena Volchetskaya - Belarussian - artistic gymnas

Renald Knysh