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Paul Ngei


Paul NGEI, Kenyan politician.


NGEI, Paul was born in 1923 in Machakos.


Makerere College, Kampala.


Founded Wasya wa Mukamba newspaper and Swahili magazine Uhuru wa Mwafrika 1950. Deputy General Secretary Kenya African Union 1951-1952. Imprisoned and under restriction for connection with Mau-Mau 1953-1961.

President Kenya African Farmers' and Traders’ Union 1961. Founded African Peoples’ Party 1962. Chairman Maize Marketing Board 64.

Minister for Co-operatives and Marketing 1964-1965, for Housing and Social Services 1965-1966, for Housing 1966-1974, of Local Government 1974-1975, unseated by High Court ruling. Member of Parliament for Kagunda January since 1976. Minister of Co-operative Development 1976-1979, of Works 1979-1982, of Livestock Development 1982-1983, of Lands and Settlement 1983-1984, of Environment and National Resources 85, of Water Development 1985-1987, of Livestock Development 1987-1988, Minister of Culture and Social Services 1988-1989, of Manpower Development and Employment 90.

Manager Director Akamba Carving and Industrial Company.