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recording company executive

Paul G. Jankowski, American recording company executive. Producer Gold record Recording Industry Association American/Columbia Broadcasting System Records, 1988; Platinum records Technotronic and Wilson Phillips, Recording Industry Association American/SBK Records, 1990. Kosciusko Foundation Poland study scholar, Chicago, 1989.


Jankowski, Paul G. was born on March 2, 1966 in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Son of Leonard and Madaline Jankowski.


Jankowski attended the University of Tennessee where he began his music career as a college rep for CBS Records.


Since then, he moved on to filling managerial and executive level positions at music-related entities including MCA Records, SBK Records, Gibson Guitar Corporation, SFX Entertainment and Elvis Presley Enterprises. MCA Records - Pop Promotion Manager SBK Records - Pop Promotion Manager Gibson Guitar Corporation - Director of Global Entertainment Relations SFX Entertainment - VP/Media Marketing Elvis Presley Enterprises - Chief Marketing Officer In 2002, Jankowski founded Access Brand Strategies, a branding agency in Nashville, Tennessee that helps brands connect with United States consumers who live in the New Heartland. Some partnerships he has built include Beyoncé and Verizon Communications, Taylor Swift and Pepsi/Yahoo!, Jason Aldean/Dierks Bentley and Mountain Dew, and Blake Shelton and Pepsi/Pizza Hut.

As part of Access Brand Strategies rebranding to New Heartland Group in 2014, Jankowski commissioned Prince Market Research to design and implement a 52-part survey with 1,000 participants across the United States to provide a baseline study of buying behavior and attitudes of the New Heartland consumer.


  • Jankowski was co-founder and volunteer Executive Director of the TJ Martell Foundation for Cancer, Leukemia and AIDS research from 1990-1998.


  • Other Interests

    Racquetball, golf, basketball.


Married Sandra Willette Papuchis, September 23, 1989.

Leonard Jankowski

Madaline Jankowski

Sandra Willette Papuchis