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Pavel Panteleymonovich LUKYANENKO

Selectionist and agronomist

Pavel LUKYANENKO, USSR Selectionist and agronomist. Full member, All-Union Lenin Academy, of Agriculture Science, since 1949; Director,Department of Selection and SeedGrowing Krasnodar Agriculture Research Institute, since 1956. Hero of Socialist Labor, 1957; Order of Lenin, 1957; “Hammer and Sickle”; Gold Medal Stalin Prize, 1946; Lenin Prize, 1959; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1961.


LUKYANENKO, Pavel was born in 1901.


1926 graduated Kuban Agriculture Institute.


1927-1928 in charge of an experimental field, Kuban-Black Sea Agriculture Research Institute. 1929-1930 Head, Strain Testing Plot, All-Union Institute of Applied Botany and New Crops, Leningrad. Since 1930 at Krasnodar Selection Station, now Krasnodar Agriculture Research Institute.

Specialist in development of highyield, rust and slant resistant winter wheat varieties. Helped develop several now widely used hybrid winter wheats including: “Novoukrainka 83 and 84”, “Bezostaya 4”, “Skorospelka 3".